Environmental policy

Argo Tele will join the global development towards better environment.

We have strong ambition that our complete activity should be pervaded by a strong envrironmental thinking.

We will constantly improve and develop our envrironmental work and in our way contribute to decreased air pollution, better saving of nature resources and improved handling of waste products.

Argo Tele´s environmental policy will above all be followed up by the following points:

- Argo Tele´s activity will always follow current environmental legalisation.

- When choosing suppliers one criteria will be a strong environmental thinking.

- Argo Tele will act for that every colleague takes an active part in the envoronmental work.

- Argo Tele will in all situations, as well as in the daily work as in future strategies and pland, in Sweden and globally, take relevant environmental requirements into consideration.

- We will take an active prt in improving our environmental work!!


Quality Policy

Argo Tele is an independent company within the elecricall-, tele, telecom-, computer and alarm sector.

We aim for a close cooperation with costumers, suppliers and cooperation partners to constantly improve work procedures and processes.

All assignments will be carried out in a professional way resulting in most benefit for the costumer, within the frames for the business.

Since quality concerns everyone and quality is a condition for the business activity, everyone at Argo Tele will be encouraged to be a part of the improvment process.

Argo Tele will constantly educate and imrove the competence of the employees to meet the costumer requirements.