Argo Tele has long experience from different telecom projects all over the world.

We can take responsibility for complete projects alternatively lend personnel for different tasks.

Argo Tele can offer following:

- Project Management

- Instructors and supervisors

- Installation

- Hard Ware testing

- Integration testing

Argo´s personnel have experience and routine of working independently and globally in different environments and cultures.

Argo Tele has periodically during several years performed factory installation of GSM, TDMA, links and exchanges. We have performed a lot of assignments abroad like:

The Filippines ( GSM )

Tunisia ( NMT)


Marocko ( NMT) ,

Russia: Vladivostok (TDMA with link system), Jekatrinburg (TDMA with link system), Moscow (GSM) and Krasnojarsk (TDMA with link system).

Argo Tele in Orenburg

Ukraine: Kiev (TDMA with link system), Odessa (TDMA with link system), Donetsk (TDMA with link system)

Uzbekistan - Taskent: TDMA with link system

El Salvador - San Salvador: TDMA with link system

Paraguay - Asunción: TDMA with link system

Bolivia: La Paz (TDMA with link system), Santa Cruz (TDMA with link system), Cochabamba (TDMA with link system)

Tchad: GSM, link system samt spare power

Sierra Leone: GSM and link system

Saudiarabien: Service och maintenancel of GSM.

Haiti: GSM